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    Laboratorij za informacijske tehnologije

    About us

    Laboratory of Information Technologies is lead by prof. dr. Sašo Tomažič. Other members of the laboratory are employed as associate professors, assistant professors, senior lecturers, assistants, junior researchers and either domestic or foreign students who hold a diploma or doctorate.


    For subjects covered in undergraduate study of telecommunications, practical training is our preffered way of teaching. Lab exercises include computer work that involves use of various mathematical tools (eg Matlab and MathCad). The rest of the lab work is carried out on specialized modules that allow you to create diverse telecommunication systems.


    In addition to study, students can join by working on a thesis or as junior researchers. Research work in the laboratory covers several different areas: IP networks, mobile communications (characterization of the mobile channel, extended spectrum systems, LTE and 5G systems), ensuring quality of services in communication networks, communication security, Internet telephony, frequency time transformations, software development for communication protocols (OBD), adaptive signal processing, analysis of digital transmission lines (theoretical and available capacity), speech processing (real-time voice coding), e-speranto development, intermediate language in multilingual translation on the World Wide Web, image processing (MRI, image compression), personal communication systems and simulations of communication networks.


    In addition to study activities, we participate in domestic and international research projects and projects related to industry. In 2007, the idea of ​​’Multilingual Web with e-speranto’ was presented among the top 40 innovations in Slovenia at the 2nd Slovenian Innovation Forum. Since 2005, we have organized an international interdisciplinary conference VIPSI-Slovenia for several years. Recently, we have been working on the Smart SKI development project with Elan and on developing and evaluating the Nervteh driving simulator.